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Impress Your Clients

We use our CRM to connect with our clients, helping us to know who they are and what they need. If it weren’t for this, we might risk clumsy dealings with our clients and we wouldn’t be able to deliver on the promises we have made to them, providing simple, powerful and accurate software.

Our CRM offers many more tools as well. 

Our CRM provides businesses with a complete view of their sales pipeline, enabling them to track leads, opportunities, and deals in real-time. This allows businesses to better understand their sales process, identify areas for improvement, and optimise their sales pipeline.

Our sales and marketing team makes heavy use of this software by completing a lead management process. We have drawn up an example of how this can help you.

Capture Leads

Capture leads from your website using fully-customisable the CRM’s forms. Any leads captured using this form will be placed directly in your CRM. The CRM provides you with an in-depth form builder that allows for a multitude of designs, and will even auto-populate returning customers details. These forms can then be directly imbeddedin your site.

Contact Them

Once a lead has been captured it will be moved into your CRM with it’s own information card. This card will contain all the details from their form submission, including UTMs and what time the form was filled in. This allows your sales team to contact leads while they are still hot. We receive many compliments from impressed customers for our speedy response.


After your sales person has contacted the lead, they will be given two options. Firstly, if the person is no longer interested in your product or, if they were looking for an entirely different product, the lead can be junked. Your second option is to mark you lead as a deal, once you have confirmed that they are a prospective client.

Track Deals

Once a lead has been marked as a deal it will move to a separate area. From here you can track your deals as they develop along a percentage track which displays their probable value. Any new deals come in as a prospect which we treat as 10%, once they have been quoted we move them up the scale until they reach 100%, after we have received full documentation.

When you use a CRM, sales become a process, not an action. This allows for a higher understanding of how purchases stand in your pipeline. Allowing you to visualize where your bottlenecks lie.

Once you have found a bottleneck, a single click will take you to the task and projects page. Here you can create a task “Convert Prospects To Sales”, adding your marketing and sales staff as responsible. Within the task they can discuss and strategise, create a checklist plan, and set a deadline.

After discussing the task set for them, the team could decide that a newsletter offering a discount, addressed to all their current prospects would lead to more sales. They can collect the details of prospects into a segment titled “Prospects as of 04 May”, and head over to the marketing page. From here they can create an effective email campaign, sending it to all their prospects.

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