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BEE Scorecard Calculators

Bringing Chaos Into Order

For the last 14 years Mantis Networks has been leading the way in BEE Calculation.  Our BEE calculators are simple to use, powerful, and accurate.  

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Our BEE calculators straddle the line between complex and simple to use. Complex, because we put power in the hands of the user. We don’t strip back the subtleties of BEE legislation, like so many other developers dare to do. We give you, your specialists, or consultants  every tool possible, or else your score will not be at its optimal peak. For this reason we have developed over 68 BEE calculators each specific to your code, one for QSE one for generic.


However, we do not wish to leave our clients fumbling in the dark, so our developers have strived to wrap our calculators in a simple, easily navigable UI, employing many graphs to inform users of performance at a glance. For this reason we have built our calculators in Microsoft Excel, leveraging its simplicity and power to ensure your calculator is simple to use.

Any changes made to the scorecard are displayed in realtime without the need for loading. This allows users to see the impact of the changes in their scorecard, leading to a greater understanding of the BEE codes.

Our development team can develop and deploy calculator updates just days after the legislation is drafted. 

Our dedicated support team will be there to aid you if you encounter any issues with our products.

Log a support ticket here.

All purchases of a BEE calculator will come with full training and support.

Most importantly, our calculators are accurate. They are trusted by nearly 20% of all Rating agencies, and used every day, providing us with a wide range of user feedback. When legislation is updated our optimised processes allow for us to implement the new legislation and update our calculators within days, ahead of our competition.


We now offer a complete BEE Procurement management solution, which will take the hassle and stress of collecting and managing supplier BEE certificates.

Whether you are needing a once-off service, or a complete management solution, we are now able to assist. We have access to over 80,000 BEE certificates that are constantly updated and monitored by us.

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