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Delight Your Clients With Bitrix24

At Mantis Networks, we leverage the power of Bitrix24 to establish seamless connections with our valued clients, enabling us to gain deep insights into their needs and preferences. This robust platform ensures that our client interactions are smooth and efficient, minimizing any potential missteps and allowing us to consistently deliver on the promises we make. With our simple, powerful, and accurate software solutions, we guarantee a remarkable experience for our clients.

Bitrix24 offers many more tools as well. 

Bitrix24 offers an extensive array of tools that go beyond client connectivity. One such tool is our comprehensive sales process setup, empowering businesses to gain a holistic view of their sales pipeline. With real-time tracking of leads, opportunities, and deals, businesses can optimize their sales process, identify areas for improvement, and maximize their sales potential.

Efficient Lead Capture

With Bitrix24, capturing leads becomes effortless. Our fully customizable CRM forms seamlessly integrate into your website, allowing you to collect crucial information directly into your CRM database. Our advanced form builder enables a multitude of designs, and returning customers’ details are automatically populated. You can embed these forms directly on your website, ensuring a seamless lead capture process.

Instant Contact and Personalised Follow Up

As soon as a lead is captured, Bitrix24 places it into your CRM with a dedicated information card. This card contains all the details from their form submission, including UTMs and the time of submission. With this information at your fingertips, your sales team can promptly contact leads while they are still interested and engaged. Our swift response time has earned us accolades from impressed customers.

Efficient Filtering and Data Tracking

Bitrix24 streamlines lead management by providing two options for your sales team. If a lead is no longer interested or is seeking a different product, it can be marked as “junked.” On the other hand, if the lead shows potential as a prospective client, it can be marked as a “deal.” Once marked as a deal, the lead moves to a separate area where you can track its progress on a percentage scale, representing its probable value. This visual representation allows you to identify bottlenecks in your pipeline and take strategic actions accordingly.

Seamless Task and Project Management

In Bitrix24, sales become a well-defined process rather than a series of isolated actions. With just one click, you can navigate to the task and project management page. Here, you can create tasks like “Convert Prospects to Sales,” assign responsibilities to your marketing and sales staff, engage in discussions and strategic planning, create checklist plans, and set deadlines. This streamlined approach ensures efficient collaboration and optimal project execution.

Bitrix24 empowers your team to implement impactful marketing campaigns and communications. Let’s say your team decides that sending a newsletter offering a discount to all current prospects would boost sales. You can easily collect prospect details into a segment titled “Prospects as of [specific date],” and head over to the marketing page. From there, you can create an effective email campaign and send it to your prospects, leveraging the power of personalized marketing to drive conversions.

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With Bitrix24 as your trusted ally, you can elevate your client interactions to new heights. From capturing leads to efficient sales tracking, task management, and targeted marketing campaigns, our comprehensive platform empowers you to create exceptional experiences for your clients while driving business growth. Join us today and unlock the full potential of Bitrix24 for your organization.

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