Take Control Of Your BEE Score

Our BEE management solution we have devised puts power in the hands of the user.  Consolidate your data, execute your plans and calculate your score ALL IN ONE PORTAL.

A New Way To Manage

For more than a decade Mantis Networks has been working closely with some of the biggest businesses in South Africa, supporting them in their transformation efforts.  We understand the complexities of B-BBEE and the laborious  admin that accompanies it. That is why we have partnered directly with B-BBEE professionals, using their feedback and requests to build the BEE Management Solution they require.


The Mantis Networks BEE Management Solution (BEEMS) does more than calculate your BEE score, it your companion, aiding you in 

  • Data Collection and Consolidation
  • Planning and Realtime Calculation
  • Automated Analysis

Data Management

We will attend to the initial transfer and consolidation of all required data throughout your company. This data will be stored in your own personal portal with limits on access so that sensitive information is kept safe. 

This first step can sometimes be the hardest but with BEEMS you can start on the right note.

The Scorecard Calculator

All collected data can then be imported directly into your calculator. These  calculators excel in accuracy and power, giving users more freedom than any other tool of its kind.

They straddle the line between complex and simple to use. Complex, because we put power in the hands of the user. We don’t strip back the subtleties of BEE legislation, like so many other developers dare to do. We give you, your specialists, or consultants  every tool possible, or else your score will not be at its optimal peak. For this reason we have developed over 68 BEE calculators each specific to your code, one for QSE one for generic.

However, we do not wish to leave our clients fumbling in the dark, so our developers have strived to wrap our calculators in a simple, easily navigable UI, employing many graphs to inform users of performance at a glance. For this reason we have built our calculators in Microsoft Excel, leveraging its simplicity and power to ensure your calculator is simple to use.

Any changes made to the scorecard are displayed in real time without the need for loading. This allows users to see the impact of the changes in their scorecard, leading to a greater understanding of the BEE codes.

Our development team can develop and deploy calculator updates just days after the legislation is drafted. 

Our dedicated support team will be there to aid you if you encounter any issues with our products.

Log a support ticket here.

All purchases of a BEE calculator will come with full training and support.

Planning And Analysis

Effective BEE management is an 18 month long process that involves scenario planning, budgeting, and constant monitoring through real time reports. It is important to ensure that each step of this process is handled accurately and that the score that was budgeted for is achieved when it finally comes time for verification. BEEMS comes with built-in GAP analysis capabilities and allows for the construction of unlimited scenario plans. This is because we believe in giving our client every tool they require for success.

All In One Portal

Centralise your BEE processes by working from one place, never lose your data and take the first steps towards the future of transformation management in South Africa.

Get a demo of our system, get ahead.

Extra Features

Converse with a bot trained on BEE legislation to better understand the codes . Ask any question and our smart search will respond not only with intelligent and informative sentence but with sources backing up its findings.

The Mantis Networks portal contains all the legislation you might require, including our signature compendiums.

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