BEE Calculators

With over ten years of experience we have developed software that makes BEE a breeze. Gone are your days of anxiety. Our products will bring ease to your process, whether you are a verification agency, a consultant, or a large corporate.

Our products are easy to use with sophisticated User Interfaces, reliable accuracy, and consistent updates so you and your Business don’t fall behind.

What Do We Do?


B-BBEE For Corporates

In our business there exists a wise saying "No BEE Plan, No BEE Level." As a result organisations must plan, make trade-offs and manage their B-BBEE Scorecards tightly to meet the stringent requirements of the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.


B-BBEE for Consultants

Our calculators were created for consultants. They project and print easily, perfect for boardroom consulting and planning meetings. Be ready for your clients questions and be able to provide scenario planning for "What if" questions. Our products provide high quality results fast to remove stress and impress your clients.

Our software provides worksheet pages that can be attached to reports, it it also allows you to make use of comparison exercises.


B-BBEE for Verification Agencies

Along with our powerful B-BBEE scorecard calculators for every code, we provide a comprehensive verification management tool. This synergistic combination of software is trusted by nearly 20% of all verification agencies and it can help yours too. Don't let shoddy software keep your business back, invest in high quality calculators and management tools to keep business booming. We also offer VerifyPack, a SANAS R47-03 verification and process manager. All our products work on the assumption that initial client data is high level and that the assignment will result in a growing level of detail converging on a final accurate data set.


Made Simple

B-BBEE legislation is complex and performing B-BBEE calculations is a technical and complicated process.

So let’s make it simple.

We offer:

  • A full suite of calculators for all sector codes and company sizes
  • Data collection sheets (Simple and Complicated)
  • Workflow Management
  • More